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Equity Funding and Mergers & Acquisitions - Although every transaction may appear to be good on paper, not every transaction proves to be good in reality. The circumstances of a proposed funding or M & A transaction will dictate a wide range of approaches. The proposed transaction may involve the capital stock of one or more companies, or is a sale or purchase of assets. The significant demands of the merger and acquisition process require a business advisor to work closely with the client. We work to ensure that the Client is getting fair value for the business interest sold or getting fair value for the business interest purchased. Each decision will be based upon the individual circumstances of the client, the alternatives available, and the goals the client is trying to accomplish.

Investment Securities Portfolio - Review,replica watches analyze and provide recommendations relative to fixed income securities including MBS, ABS, CMO, CDO, Corporates and money market instruments.

Interest Rate Risk Management - Provide advice on the use of Hedging and use of derivatives to hedge assets, liabilities and pipelines.

Securitization and Structured Finance - Review of Purchase & Sale agreements, Indentures, Servicing, Custodian and other related deal agreements. Assist and advise on all aspects of the securitization process including: working with the investment bankers, rating agencies, insurers, custodians, trustees, servicers and back-up servicers, static pool analysis, internal and external counsel, internal and external auditors, and investors. We also offer transaction structure modeling so as to assess the affect on institution cash flow, profitability, capital ratios and accounting.

Whole Loan Sales and Purchases - Review and evaluate assets for purchase or sale. Prepare price/yield analysis, loan stratifications and collateral analysis. Transaction execution advice. Review term sheets and related deal documents.