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Applied Business Economics LLC is a consulting services firm specializing in:

Financial Valuation: We specialize in the areas of valuation that are outside the bailiwick of the run-of-the-mill business appraiser. These areas include, but are not limited to, the valuation of derivatives, guarantees, the valuation of debt with inherent default risk and/or optionality, quantifying and pricing for risk, complex securities and contingent consideration. These areas of finance and economics tend to utilize a much higher level of mathematics and creativity. We apply robust proprietary modeling and analytics where the primary purpose of the valuation is investment, acquisition, liquidation, financial reporting, assessing risk and/or pricing.

Capital Markets Advisory and Analytics: We support companies in the financial services industry including depository institutions and specialty finance companies. Our focus is to provide superior proprietary analytics, valuation analysis and support in the areas of fixed income investment portfolios, hedging & derivatives, securitization and structured finance.

Software Development: We provide a full spectrum of software development consulting from the most basic (Excel and VBA for Excel (i.e. Macros and User Defined Functions)) to the most complex (.Net web applications and XML web services). In today's world where quality labor is expensive and scarce, money invested in automation via technology is money well spent.

Speaking/Writing: We devote a substantial amount of time to speaking and writing about finance, economics and valuation and are available upon request.

At Applied Business Economics we deliver real-world Wall Street experience, public company mergers and acquisitions experience, public company capital markets experience and high-tech software applications to the private and/or closely-held business at an affordable price. The name of our firm embodies what we believe in: Applying state-of-the-art mathematical modeling, economic theory and cutting edge technology to real-world business issues.